jl wood products

Search Engine Optimization

The owner of J&L Wood Products came to us in 2018 and asked us why his large and successful pallet and skid manufacturing company was NEVER showing up in search engine results. We ran a quick audit of the situation and found that while his website was attractive, it was not keyword optimized. We also saw that there were no local SEO signals being sent to the site by way of backlinks. We set out to fix this. 

Website Design

When you load gigantic, high resolution imaqges to a website, they need to be “squished” and keyword optimized. This lets the page load faster, and people get less frustrated when they visit the site. This is called Structural SEO, and it’s always the first thing we look at to provide a nearly immediate boost to the site SEO. 

Google Local aka, Google My Business

Our client had an unclaimed GMB page, and had a location in Dayton that was not even created. We fixed both situations, and J&L Wood is now getting traffic from both GMB properties. 

 Paid Advertising

On top of ranking all their keywords on Page One, CeeqFind has also maintained an advertising campaign to provide what we call Burst Business. For manufacturers, when there is a temporary lull in business, machines and laborers go idle, and this negatively impacts the business. We are able to turn on the firehose of new leads whenever our client requsts us to. During times when they are swamped with leads, we shut down the ad account so that they can take care of their customers with the best service available in the region. 



Let's Get Started

The visibility of your business online is incredibly important. Waiting to see if things change by themselves rarely works. Smart business owners understand that ACTION is the only creator of new revenue streams for their business. You can call us right now at (937) 506-0960 or drop us your email below and we will reach out within 24 hours.