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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is all about getting found on the Internet. If you’ve reached this page, you probably found us after performing a Google search, and since being on Page One for the keyword SEO is a big deal, so you figured that we could help you out! Google was correct, and so were you. Welcome!

Receive a FREE Website SEO Audit

This no-cost and no-obligation audit is provided to you so you can review the current status of your website as it relates to having YOUR content show up on Page One of Google. With this audit, you can do the following:

1. Do nothing. While it doesn’t cost you anything to do nothing, and your search results will not improve by taking this action, it is absolutely FREE.

2. Fix problems yourself. If you are talented in web design and coding, there is a chance you can fix many of these problems yourself. Beyond fixing the coding issues, you’ll also need to develop new backlinks to your website by contacting members of the press, bloggers, and other industry leaders.

3. Hire an SEO firm like CeeqFind. By hiring us, you allow us to take on the problems with your website, address the issues and create a plan to build backlinks, and move your chosen keywords to Page One of Google.



FREE Website SEO Audit – No Risk


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The visibility of your business online is incredibly important. Waiting to see if things change by themselves rarely works. Smart business owners understand that ACTION is the only creator of new revenue streams for their business. You can call us right now at (937) 506-0960 or drop us your email below and we will reach out within 24 hours.