Our Services

CeeqFind is aptly named for what all small business owners are looking for: Seek + Find. When your business is trying to gain new customers and you have no website or an old and ineffective one, you may find that the prospective customers you are looking for, are NOT looking for you. Here at CeeqFind, we aim to change that.

Website Design

This service is for the small business that has no website, or your current website is old and not-optimized for Search. The CeeqFind team will design, optimize, launch and campaign your small business to gain new visitors and build your lead funnel. We’ve been doing it for over 22 years, so you can trust that we know what we are doing.

Website Refresh

Let’s say you have an existing website and just want us to make it more modern looking and up to date. Or, it’s possible your site looks good already, but you have done zero optimization of the website for search. In these cases, we will “Refresh” the site to bring it in line with the optimized and effective websites of your competition.

 SEO Services

CeeqFind provides ongoing SEO services to support the growth of new leads for your business. This includes writing new page copy, blogging, editing meta tags, and optimizing images for load time. We also build backlinks to your website from other parts of the Web to grow your online reputation within your industry.

Local SEO

Somewhat different than SEO Services is Local SEO. This would be specifically the design, optimization, and ongoing updates to your Google My Business page. If you don’t have the time to work through it, we will set up your account and optimize it to maximize views.

SEO Audit

Let’s say you have no idea if your website is performing well or not. Maybe you just have no way of telling. We will perform a comprehensive SEO audit and provide those results to you.

Let's Get Started

The visibility of your business online is incredibly important. Waiting to see if things change by themselves rarely works. Smart business owners understand that ACTION is the only creator of new revenue streams for their business. You can call us right now at (937) 506-0960 or drop us your email below and we will reach out within 24 hours.